Project Dawn

A proposal to bring people who have given in to the perils of drug addiction off the streets and into the community. A programme away from familiar temptation.


Route Wellness International, in partnership with The Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka, addresses a pressing concern highlighted by The National Bureau of Statistics of Seychelles. The Seychelles, with a population of 99,202 in 2021, faces a significant challenge as 5 to 6 percent, approximately 5000 to 6000 individuals, grapple with heroin addiction—a troubling reality for this small island nation.

The statistics reveal a distressing truth: Seychelles ranks among the top nations globally for substance abuse per capita. In response to this critical issue, Route Wellness International proposes a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program targeting the youth of Seychelles. This initiative aims to combat substance abuse and support rehabilitation efforts, offering a potential solution to this concerning societal challenge. The proposal is submitted for consideration by the Seychelles Government, seeking collaborative action to address this alarming situation.


  • Treating and rehabilitating victims of substance abuse
  • Train them in the health care sectors
  • Assist through a programme of monitoring after treatment and rehabilitation
  • Give support to families through counseling


Route Wellness International (PVT) LTD, an incorporated entity under Sri Lanka’s Companies Act No.7 of 2007 (Certificate of Incorporation No: PV 00252946), operates as a Destination Management Company (DMC). Collaborating closely with premier private hospitals and renowned consultants in Sri Lanka, RWI boasts specialized, efficient, and seasoned medical panels.

Focusing on wellness, rehabilitation, and medical tourism, RWI operates from offices in Sri Lanka and Seychelles, actively engaging agents from burgeoning markets in the Indian Ocean and African regions. Positioned as the quintessential destination management service in Sri Lanka, RWI assures clients peace of mind during their stay, ensuring dedicated care during treatment and recovery, allowing them to concentrate solely on their path to better health.

Founder of Project Dawn

In Collaboration with Route Wellness International & Dr.Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital

Dr. Udeni Arawgoda, the founder of Route Wellness International Private Limited, brings a unique blend of medical expertise and business acumen to the company. With a background as a medical doctor and experience in real estate development, Dr. Arawgoda has a diverse professional journey.

Having practiced medicine in California, USA, at renowned institutions like Trinity Health Hospital and Metropolitan State Hospital, he gained valuable experience in diverse medical fields, including psychiatry and cardiology. In Sri Lanka, his native country, he held significant positions at Hemas Capital Hospital, serving as the Head of International Business and Cosmetics, as well as the Medical Services Manager.

Throughout his career, Dr. Arawgoda has been dedicated to elevating healthcare standards, striving for global clinical excellence, and making a significant impact on the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka. His leadership style involves fostering collective growth, utilizing his skills as a medical practitioner, mentor, and leader to optimize organizational outcomes.

Recognized for his capabilities and diplomatic skills, Dr. Arawgoda serves as the Seychelles Honorary Consul in Sri Lanka, a testament to his international recognition and contributions.

His academic achievements include a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). He holds certifications from the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) and the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA. Additionally, he is a certified Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) trainer for medical professionals. Dr. Arawgoda’s multifaceted expertise and commitment to healthcare excellence drive Route Wellness International’s mission to provide exceptional medical services globally.

The Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital

The Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) is a teaching hospital that follows standard procedures and is very meticulous. As a Teaching Hospital, NFTH provides the highest caliber of medical care to its patients by utilizing the services of senior consultants, distinguished academics, and top-tier paramedical personnel. Both the hospital and the faculty have full-time access to them.

Being in a patient-friendly green setting, the facility is only 30 minutes’ drive from Colombo.

Private Wing and Channeling Services

The more affluent patients have the option of obtaining the private medical care services upon request, such as air-conditioned luxury rooms with attached baths. The room facilities of international standards.

Why should you come to NFTH?

  • Best of healthcare because as a Teaching Hospital
  • First and only teaching hospital with health care and a private wing to the patients who
  • could afford
  • They provide superior services

Superior service

  • Team of 50 eminent professors and well-known consultants working 24×7 for your care
  • Diagnosis and treatment decisions are taken as a team; therefore, they are more accurate
  • As consultants are a full time team, they are available at any time; therefore
  • diagnosis and treatment are being also less time consuming
  • As a teaching hospital we always maintain highly ethical and standard clinical practices
  • Hospital is located in a patient friendly calm and quiet green environment with fresh air
  • away from city hassle

The NFTH’s treatment and rehabilitation program for substance and alcohol misuse occupies two floors in a private wing.

Services offered

Treatment is based on the bio-psychosocial and spiritual principles of a whole person and includes:

  • Pre admission interview screening
  • Comprehensive physical assessment
  • Supervised urine tests
  • Bio -psychological assessment
  • A signed treatment contract and treatment plan
  • Individual treatment plan and discharge plan
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Alcohol drugs HIV Hep C prevention education
  • Relapse prevention programme, Nutritional support and assessment
  • Group Activities fitness, cooking, gardening, art and craft, studies,
  • Acute medical services
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Family programme that prepares the entire family for ongoing recovery
  • Assistance in finding spiritual paths
  • Aftercare referral for continuing alcohol and drug rehabilitation and treatment.
  • Training in a health care sector eg: career, assistance medic, hospital cleaning, hospital reception, etc. NFTH is a teaching hospital which can facilitate this stage of rehabilitation and it is inclusive in the package


  • Patients must have a genuine will to enter the programme
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must have at least one year of continuous drug/ alcohol use
  • Must have a complete health check done by a physician
  • Candidates will be excluded for severe psychiatric illness
  • Severe medical conditions
  • Family support is a must

Length of stay

  • The length of stay is 8 weeks initially.
  • The aftercare programme is a year programme. A support fraternity is the model with specialist in relevant fields.

Admission Stage:

New arrivals welcome

  • Admission assessment will be undertaken and signed
  • Written consent forms will be discussed and signed
  • Clients’ belongings thoroughly searched for contrabands
  • Valuables handed over to designated guardians or next of kin.
  • Staff will assist in settling down


Thorough induction of new arrivals. The initial stages of treatment will pose vulnerability of cravings and temptations to use substances. The NFTH will need to balance the need for service user’s independence and choice of safety. Therefore, some restrictions will be imposed.

  • Patients will not be allowed to leave the treatment premises
  • Visitors’ policies will be clearly defined at the initial stage of enrolment


Through Project Dawn, Route Wellness International and The Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital are extending an invitation to the Seychelles government to collaborate on the treatment and rehabilitation of the island nation’s youth who have fallen victim to the perils of addiction. 

For this reason, we are extending an invitation to the Ministry of Health and the Seychelles government to come meet us and talk about the potential for a fruitful collaboration.

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